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WooNinja Learning Paths is designed to be a no-code, everything you need solution to easily accredit students based on their completed courses.

  • Simple, 5 minute set up
  • No Zapier or developers needed
  • Beautiful mobile friendly site
  • Fully customisable learning paths
  • No course or student restrictions
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Easy, straight forward configuration
  • No need for zaps or automation
  • No yearly contracts
  • Built & trusted by Thinkific Experts

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Easy to Use

Continuous Professional Development & Accreditation Made Easy

WooNinja Learning Paths was developed by Thinkific Experts to be the easiest way to award CPD, CLE and other learning accreditations.

Fully GDPR complaint

We don't sell, analyse or market your student data. We built a privacy first platform meaning you can sell more and sleep soundly that your student data is safe.

No addition software

Say goodbye to Zapier, and other complex software. We're an all in one platform with no hidden costs or surprises.

No code or developers required

Our platform is designed to be plug and play. No more developers need and set up takes 5 minutes.

Lightning fast cloud hosting

We run in the cloud using enterprise grade AWS servers. No more waiting around for reports to load.

Industry Standard Assessments

Multiple ways to assess students

Our fully configurable software allows you to control how and when students are awarded for their learning paths. For example, you can have simple requirements like a student must complete all courses, or complex requirements such as requiring completion within a given timeframe.



Simple no-tricks pricing

We offer a 30 day, no questions asked refund policy. Not happy after that? Cancel at any time, for any reason.


$29 /mo

For smaller schools and those starting out

  • Up to 250 students

  • Unlimited courses

  • Unlimited learning paths

  • Free training and basic support


$49 /mo

For growing schools and academies

  • Up to 1000 students

  • Unlimited courses

  • Unlimited learning paths

  • Free training and email support


$149 /mo

For larger enterprises and corporations

  • Up to 2500 students

  • Unlimited courses

  • Unlimited learning paths

  • Free training and priority support

More than 2500 students?

Accounts with more than 2,500 students are priced at a flat rate of $0.025 per student for every student over 2,500.

Working with an accreditation agency?

We'll help you get certified!

If you are working with a governing board that requires you to certify your students, we will help with any questions they have regarding our software. Simply let us know how we can assist!

Frequently asked questions

How does WooNinja Learning Paths work?
WooNinja Learning Paths allows you to configure pathways, such as a set of courses, that a student must complete. This allows you to award credits, certificates and other accreditations without needing to manually review each and every student.
Do I need a developer? Or coding skills?
No, WooNinja Learning Paths is a one click install with no additional code or developers needed.
Do you offer a trial of your software?
We offer a full, no questions asked refund within 30 days of purchase if you don't like our software. After this, you can cancel your subscription at any time with no penalty or fees.
Are your GDPR compliant?
Yes, we are 100% GDPR compliant. We do not sell, monitor or analyse your student data.
Do you charge per student?
Our pricing plan is based on the total number of students in your school. Full details are available by clicking here
How can I assess my students?
We offer multiple assessments. These include a student being required to complete a given set of courses and complete courses within a given time frame e.g. Per year. Furthermore, courses can be assigned hours, meaning student can be required to complete a given number of hours.
Do you offer certificates?
No, if you wish to issue certificates you can do so using our advanced action feature and Thinkific. Full details of how to use this feature is available by clicking here.

When I started teaching my MasterClass, I was often asked by students for an accreditation. I wanted to award them for their hard work and give them a special badge for their resume. I built WooNinja Learning Paths for my students and I hope yours will love it too!

Colin Longworth
Award Winning Thinkific Expert

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